Top ten highest-paid footballers in 2022

It has become apparent over the years that football has developed into a sport primarily driven by money. It’s astonishing how much money clubs and their athletes make in salaries, transfer fees, and other earnings. The top five leagues are becoming increasingly wealthy with each passing year. Financially speaking, the football business is generally moving along nicely. As of this now, the Premier League is at the forefront in terms of resources and purchasing power.

The only athletes under the age of 30 to reach last year’s list are Haaland and Mbappé, who both make their maiden top ten appearances in terms of revenue. This marks the beginning of a young trend that will rule the football world for many in the coming years. Let’s discuss the top 10 football players around the world by salary in 2022. Here are the highest paid footballers weekly 2022 had.

  1. Kylian Mbappé

Mbappé has solidified his position as the pride of French football after having won 3 of the past 4 Ligue 1 Player of the Season Awards. Recently, he has flexed that power. At Paris Saint-Germain, the French striker makes £1.6 million each week, making him at the top of highest paid footballers weekly 2022 saw. You can infer why from PSG’s expensive deal to retain Mbappe. Mbappe remains one of the world’s best players despite his ego. This year, Mbappe has six matches and nine goals for PSG. Despite rumors linking him to a transfer to La Liga’s Real Madrid, Mbappé inked a three-year contract renewal in May. He will stay at Ligue 1 powerhouse PSG and play in his native country.

  1. Lionel Messi

Messi already makes a fortune off the field. However, according to industry insiders, as he helped Argentina win the World Cup in November, that sum has increased by as much as 20%. Lionel Messi is the second top-paid player in the world, taking home a stunning £0.96 million per week. Messi had a challenging first year with PSG. He scored 11 goals and had 15 assists in 34 matches with PSG. But he’s still in the list of highest paid footballers weekly 2022 has.

  1. Neymar Jr.

With a record-breaking $263 million move to PSG in 2017, Neymar set a record. He renewed his contract from May 2021 until 2025, and he was vital in getting Messi to sign on later that year. Neymar Jr. receives an astounding £0.6 million weekly from PSG, making him one of the highest paid footballers weekly in 2022. In 152 games with PSG, Neymar has accumulated 109 strikes and 67 assists altogether.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Off the field, Ronaldo is regarded as one of the world’s highest-paid football players in terms of salary. Despite a steep decline in time on the pitch, thanks to sponsors like Herbalife, Nike, and Livescore. According to sources, Ronaldo may be looking forward to participating in the Champions League once more. Ronaldo used to make £0.51 million per week, but his weekly salary has slightly decreased. Regardless of all this, just like Messi, he’s still among the highest paid footballers weekly 2022 has, as well as a GOAT. For Manchester United, Cristiano netted 24 goals in 38 games.

  1. Erling Haaland

According to Forbes, Haaland receives $4 million in sponsorship payments yearly from companies like Samsung, Hyperice, and Viaplay, and that’s only going to get bigger. According to sources, Haaland’s upcoming shoe contract might be valued at up to $18 million a year. This year saw the expiration of his prior contract with Nike. Within only 11 Champions League and Premier League appearances, the 22-year-old has proven that the $63 million move cost Manchester City spent was absolutely worth it. All this makes him among the highest paid footballers weekly 2022 has.

  1. Robert Lewandowski

Lewandowski has scored 12 goals in 10 games, quickly recouping the estimated $45 million signing fee FC Barcelona spent to get a striker from Bayern Munich in 2022. The Nike-endorsed Pole also operates his own clothing brand, “RL9.” He terminated his long-term deal with Huawei this year after hearing that the corporation had backed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Despite all this, he’s still among the highest paid footballers weekly 2022 has.

  1. Eden Hazard

The persistent speculations of Hazard’s departure from Real Madrid have been fanned by his underwhelming performance there, which included six goals in 72 Champions League and La Liga games over the period of four years. He made $4 million off the field and $27 million on the on-field this year.

  1. Andrés Iniesta

The 38-year-old started his own clothing brand in September. It is marketed in the Japanese market and goes by the name Capitten. It launched with a limited-edition release of a signature cleat. He made $25 million on the field, and off it, he made $5 million this year.

  1. Mohamed Salah

Mane’s surprising exit suggested that Liverpool will exert every effort to retain Mohamed Salah. They did an excellent job on this. Currently making £0.35 million per week, Mohamed Salah’s deal with Liverpool runs through 2025. The Egyptian has only scored two goals in 6 Premier League appearances so far.

  1. Kevin De Bruyne

De Bruyne spearheaded discussions that resulted in his most recent deal with Manchester City, even though he signed with Roc Nation in 2019. Eleven brands, namely Therabody, Credit Karma, Nike, and Wow Hydrate, are parties to contracts with him. He made $25 million on the field, and off it, $4 million. Well, this includes him in the list of highest paid footballers weekly 2022 has.

Final Words

Well, this wraps up our list of the ten highest paid footballers weekly 2022 has. The earnings calculated in this list include base salary, bonuses, and other on-field income, as well as off-field projections and player-owned businesses for the 2022 season.

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