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Top 5 Tools for Cat Owners

Cats are beautiful, fascinating, strange creatures. If you’re lucky enough to have a loved one, it’s your duty to provide him or her with a comfortable and fun home. You will need to create a healthy, welcoming environment for your pet once it is at home once you have adopted it. After you get the pet home, it’s important to give them everything they need. We wrote about the supplies you should buy. Cats require specific environments for playing, scratching, and relaxing.

Having tested these products for months with our cats, here are our favorites of the cool things for cats you need to have. A product’s overall construction, design, and value were considered to determine whether it might be useful to other kitties. You may need to try a few options to find one that works for your cat.

Litter Box

There is no substitute for a litter box. It depends on the cat – some cats like enclosed boxes, while others require sides high enough to protect their walls from urination as cats are known to aim high. According to experts, each cat should have its own box. In a multilevel home, we recommend one box per floor.

A plant-disguised litter box will easily blend into small spaces, and it is definitely one of the cool things you need to own for cats. Similarly, Rubbermaid storage bins (without the lid) are cheap and sturdy. Additionally, we appreciate the simplicity of the Cove Box , which has removable sides and a compartment to store the small dustpan and scoop. Despite its price, it’s a nice upgrade to a basic box. You’ll find cheap, standard litter boxes everywhere among Tuft and Paw pet products.

To reduce the amount of litter tracked throughout your house, you should also get a mat for under the box. Corrugated mats collect a lot of litter. Regularly turn it over and vacuum it.

Posts for scratching

Cats need to scratch, so if you want them to stop ripping up your furniture, you should provide plenty of scratching posts. De-clawing is not the answer-it is like removing the last knuckle from your fingers and can cause many problems.

You can find everything from a basic slat to Boots and Barkley tunnels for just a few bucks. Sisal and carpet Wave Scratcher is a favorite among our cats. Likewise, PetFusion lounges are popular despite being a little pricey. As far as cat furniture goes, they’re sturdy and look nice. We’ve stood on them to test them. You can turn over the top for a brand-new surface once the top has been thoroughly destroyed. Target also sells affordable, cute cat scratchers. There is one for every season, holiday, or theme.

If you want a less messy option, you can replace only the corrugated circle on some cat scratchers rather than the entire scratcher. It is more space-efficient than some other options. The cat will never be able to remove the ping pong ball they are playing with, so this is a bonus. And this makes it one of the cool things for cats you should own. 

Make sure that the nails of your cat are regularly trimmed. (It’s easier than it sounds, but you might need two people to do it.) Ask your vet how to trim so that you don’t cut them quickly (the part with nerves and blood vessels). You can also find helpful guides online.

Food and Water Bowls

Another handy and necessary item that every pet owner needs to have in their homes is a feeding bowl. However, vets and cat experts tend to recommend stainless steel or glass bowls regarding materials. There is no doubt that plastic can get dirty and dingy quickly, not to mention hold onto bacteria. Cat acne is a result of this.

Modern-day perfect-posture eating is made easy with the Cat Person Mesa Bowl. Cat Person packaging converts into cardboard cat houses; every part is dishwasher safe. A stainless steel bowl is usually simple and inexpensive. Elevated feeders are also a good option since they can relieve your cat’s neck pain. Additionally, they have elevated glass bowls for wet food dinners. All these make up a bunch of pretty cool things for cats that you need to own as an owner. 

Water Fountain

Humans need water to survive, but cats don’t. When they’re unhappy with their water situation, they may suffer from dehydration and other serious ailments like urethral blockages and bladder stones; some cats prefer water away from food, so it’s best to keep them separate. These issues are more prevalent in male cats. Providing our cats with wet food helps increase their water intake, but we wanted a more enticing way to get them thirsty. As many cat owners have experienced, some prefer to drink from fountains (or the bathroom faucet).

Fountains require outlets and filters that will have to be changed on a regular basis about every month, but if your cat uses them, it’s worth it. We tested both stainless-steel-topped and plastic flower fountains. It is preferable to use a stainless steel bowl, but plastic bowls should be fine as long as they are kept clean. Therefore, one of the cool things for cats you need to purchase includes a water fountain too.

The Cat Carrier

Every pet owner will let you know how important it is to own a pet carrier. After all, you will often have to carry your cat around. A cat carrier is, therefore, a necessity for every cat owner. In fact, it is one of the cool things for cats that every cat mom/dad must have.

Using a cat carrier is essential when transporting a cat. Having a cat carrier is imperative since cats are not the best travelers. You’ll need a Cat Carrier if you plan on traveling with your cat or have an appointment with the vet, you’ll need a Cat Carrier.

It is important to check the material of the cat carrier before buying. It is vital to purchase a plastic safe, and sturdy cat carrier with a front locking door.

Before We Part!

In short, before you bring your new Cat home, you need to buy some materials. Most new pet owners aren’t aware of what they need to do. After all, maintaining their happiness, comfort, and entertainment is your responsibility.

Play with your new cat before bringing it home. By doing this, he will get used to the smell of you in familiar surroundings. Don’t forget to carry some of his favorite scent-infused items. A favorite towel or toy would be a good example. It can help him adjust quickly to your home if he has a familiar scent.

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