Best websites for Online Courses in 2023

You must choose the right platform when you teach or study online courses. A dizzying array of options are available if you run a training or coaching business. 

Individuals and the government economy have suffered from the closure of educational institutions during the past few years.

Despite that, there is always a bright side to every bad situation. The lack of physical classes and the failure of educational institutions has led many colleges and organizations to offer free online courses.

Enrolling in an online course can help you get back on track if you’ve been inactive for a while.

A free or almost free online course allows anyone from anywhere in the world to gain knowledge in any field of interest. Your only requirement is an Internet connection, a computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone, and a schedule you create for yourself. You will receive a certificate upon completing the course.

Nowadays, students can apply to almost any academic field. Some of the most popular courses include social science, computer science, data science, business, humanities, mathematics, medicine and health, public policy, programming, and governance.

A free online learning platform is what you’re looking for. Below are some platforms that will allow you to get started right away. 


Teachable allows course creators to host learning materials online and is generally more suitable for those running single courses. Teachable reports that over 100,000-course creators and coaches use its platform.

What benefits does Teachable offer creators?


As a Teachable user, you will have access to the following:

  • Up to 4K video quality is available for your video courses.
  • Design a website that can be customized. 
  • Students can access the content at their own pace.
  • Promoting new signups with coupons and discounts is a good idea.
  • Certificates of course completion can be awarded based on learners’ progress.
  • You can download files and audio files. 
  • It’s unlimited how many students and courses that a user can upload.
  • Google Analytics can be used to track performance.
  • Stream live classes from another site by embedding the stream.

A one-time fee, a subscription, membership, or a bundle can also be charged for your content.

The pricing is also pretty reasonable. With Teachable, you have three pricing options:

  • Your course purchases are subject to a 5% transaction fee with the basic plan. Aside from community features, you’ll also get instant payouts, two admins, and marketing tools. A monthly cost of $39 is charged.
  • Teachable branding will be removed from your site with the Pro plan, and certificates can be offered. The 5% transaction fee will also be eliminated. The price per month is $119.
  • The teachable business offers up to 20 admins and the option to migrate an existing student body. The monthly price is $299.

All these features make teachable one of the best online courses websites.


The Thinkific platform is an online learning platform that offers only online courses. In their own words, they’re a place where you can “market, create, and promote your online courses.” 

The company even claims that the platform has been used by more than 100 million people worldwide. 

Here are the features you get with Thinkific when you create your course website.

Feature Highlights

The following are some of the services Thinkific offers as an online course and membership site provider:

  • Hosting videos in 4K quality with subtitles by Wistia.
  • Course player with full branding capabilities.
  • You can create your own website with sections dedicated to online learning.
  • SEO-friendly landing pages and sales pages.
  • Limited-time courses.
  • A variety of payment options are available. 
  • Toolkits for marketing.
  • Course completion certificates and customizable completion pages are available. 
  • Digital download support. 
  • Analytical reports in detail. 

How much does this online learning platform cost you as a course creator? Well, if you’re wondering this, then we’ve got some great news for you because Thinkfic is undoubtedly one of the best online courses websites that offer unbelievable rates. 

Thinkific offers three pricing plans if you want to sell courses there:

  • You’ll be able to access live support, send direct emails to your students, integrate with apps, and drip content to your students. 
  • With the pro plan, you’ll also get access to engagement tools, as well as the ability to run live classes. 
  • With the Premier plan, you get everything from the Pro plan, plus additional admins and course authors, an onboarding package, and unlimited growth features. 

The free plan offers limited features for selling courses and including quizzes and surveys. 

Academy of Mine

Rather than hosting your content, Academy of Mine lets you build pages.

Upload, manage, and sell your course content with this white-label solution. 

The main features will be listed shortly.


When you create a course on Academy of Mine, you can:

  • Create a brandable, white-label website that hosts your course videos on their servers or embeds content from other platforms.  
  • Your academy website can be tagged onto your existing domain, or you can choose your own domain. 
  • Provide a variety of payment methods.
  • They are offering one-off courses or subscriptions with tiers of pricing.
  • Integrate your site with CRM software.
  • Your course attendees will receive printable certificates.
  • Develop quizzes and exams using a variety of training materials. 
  • Over 1,000 users can store over 1TB of files. 
  • Analyze user, course, sales, and security data in detail. 

Next, we’ll deal with money. You can choose between three different pricing levels for your online course creation business with Academy of Mine: 

  • The basics: You can sell to businesses, have your own domain, and have up to 250 students. Integrating your webinar tools, setting quizzes, and viewing analytics are possible. A monthly fee of $599 is charged.
  • The Professional plan adds more users, more storage, and API access to what you get with the Essentials plan. The monthly price is $899.
  • The Enterprise version is more expensive, but you can access more users, custom features, and an account manager. For pricing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with their sales team.

All these things, make academy of mine one of the best online courses websites.


LearnWorlds is a platform that offers only online courses. Content creators can also use it to create engaging video content to accompany their classes. 

Videos, surveys, and transcripts can be interactive with LearnWorlds. Your students can also learn on the go with their own mobile app. 

Feature Highlights

With LearnWorlds, you can sell, create, and promote your online courses: 

  • You can customize the course player to match your brand. 
  • You can give your students tests, quizzes, and assessments.
  • Course certifications with a brand.
  • Students can share their thoughts in a learning community. 
  • Bundles and memberships are available at different prices.
  • You can drip your content with a content release scheduler. 
  • There are options for taking notes and highlighting.
  • Analyze your course’s performance with analytics and reports. 

Moreover, their expert team can help you build your course. You can choose from four pricing options at LearnWorlds:

  • The starter plan includes a custom domain, one admin, unlimited paid courses, and a built-in community. Besides the $5 charge per course sale, you also get 3 pages for the site builder and 4 payment getaways. Monthly fee: $24.
  • With the Pro Trainer plan, there are no transaction fees, unlimited courses, landing pages, and five administrators. Your audience can also subscribe and become a member. The monthly payment is $79 per month. 
  • With the Learning Center plan, you’ll get everything from the Pro Trainer plan plus white-label options, interactive videos, and an option to add auto-transcripts and subtitles. Monthly fee: $249.
  • You’ll get an extra admin, a dedicated account manager, and custom bulk enrollments with the High Volume & Corporate plan. For pricing information, contact their sales team. 

Final Words

Here are our top picks for the best online courses websites available. In this article, we’ve provided you with a wealth of information to help you make an informed decision, including information about

  • High-quality video
  • The platform’s functionality
  • Toolkits for marketing
  • Options for payment

After all, providing your learners with various ways to interact with your material can open new revenue streams for your channel.

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