5 Best Social Media Management Tools in 2023

Believe it or not, the internet plays an integral role in our daily lives. Therefore, having an online presence has become crucial for every business to succeed in today’s world. Any content marketing strategy must include a social media campaign. The problem is that posting to multiple accounts daily takes a lot of time. Using social media management software, social media marketers schedule content and automate postings. Social media management tools allow users to monitor, publish,and manage all their social media networks from one dashboard.

Explore the best social media management tools for small businesses that will help and improve your social campaigns with our comprehensive guide. So, to bring you the best options on the market, we reviewed over a dozen companies and ranked them based on their value, features, and customer ratings. And the top five ones are:

5 Best Tools for Small Business to Manage Social Media

For the purpose of this article’s ranking, we compared each company based on essential factors, including ease of use, cost and fees, customer support, and features and functionality.


SocialPilot is one of the most cost-effective social media marketing tools available. The SocialPilot platform is an affordable option for social media managers who need to manage multiple accounts from one place.

In comparison to other Team plans, which offer three users the opportunity to post to 20 social media accounts for $129 a month, or Sprout Social’s Professional plan, which allows a user to post to ten accounts for $149 a month, the SocialPilot’s Small Team tier offers four users the ability to post to 25 social media accounts for $42.50 per month (billed annually).

SocialPilot is one of the few social networks that integrate with TikTok, in addition to all the classic social networks. With more than 800 million active users, the video-sharing platform is one of the most popular. Marketing to that audience can help you reach new customers.

Furthermore, this platform has a drag-and-drop social media calendar that allows you to reorder posts and a feature that lets you repost previous posts. All these features combine to make SocialPilot the best tool for managing social media and the best social media management tools for small businesses.


  • Great value for money
  • Integrates with TikTok
  • Very intuitive to use


  • No live chat or phone support
  • No plans offer unlimited storage


Another social media tool that started with one platform and later expanded to others is Tailwind. Tailwind began helping brands schedule and automate Pinterest marketing before expanding to Facebook and Instagram to fill a void in the Pinterest scheduling market.

It has impressive post ideas that keep Pinterest content fresh is easy with these post ideas. Furthermore, you can create your own Pinterest graphics and immediately save them to Boards. Also, it offers automated scheduling and a SmartSchedule feature to keep your Pinterest feed busy. All these features make it one of the best social media management tools for small businesses.


  • Apps are easy to set up and connect
  • A user-friendly dashboard
  • The process of scheduling posts, especially for Instagram, is efficient
  • Easily schedule pins
  • Posting to multiple platforms is easy
  • An easy-to-use tool with decent designs is Create


  • Unresponsive at times and laggy
  • Posts with multiple images are not eligible for auto-posting
  • Auto-posting requires an Instagram Business account. This could be detrimental to Instagram’s marketing
  • The feature of re-queuing is not available


Over the years, Crowdfire has added new features. Aside from scheduling content, you can also manage your Twitter account (follow and unfollow) and share articles. Unlike most social media management tools, Crowdfire allows you to connect your blogs, YouTube channels, and online shops and will automatically post updates to social media.

Crowdfire is a social media management tool for businesses of all sizes and social media marketing agencies. A number of features are available, including content publishing, bulk scheduling, article curation, image curation, hashtag recommendation, post analytics, and customer service management. Admins can create customizable RSS feeds and preview posts on a unified interface before publishing.


  • With it, you can quickly find engaging topics for your audience and save time.
  • In addition to increasing followers, it also increases engagement.
  • It is a feature that Crowdfire uses more than any other. AI automatically adjusts posts based on platform type.
  • The best time option that Crowdfire offers is very effective in driving more engagement for a brand than any other.


  • The paid plans only allow the linking of a limited number of accounts. Bulk schedule posts and calendar views are unavailable in the basic paid plan.
  • From the management platform to the actual social media app, Crowdfire is very limited.
  • Account linking can sometimes be complex, and the process can take a long time.


Like the fully integrated social media management tools for small businesses, Agorapulse offers scheduling, visual calendars, social inboxes, analytics, and team collaboration features.

In addition to competitor analysis, Agorapulse also offers boosted Facebook posts to catch the attention of your target audience. You need an influencer feature to really stalk your favorite industry leaders. Despite this, Agorapulse is a popular social media management software among niche users. They are not to be underestimated! The monthly fee for the service ranges from $79 to $399, billed annually. Undoubtedly, it is among the list for best social media management tools for small businesses.


  • With its inbox tool, Agorapulse extends the UI. Filters allow you to control the types of messages you tackle first by managing DMs, comments, and reviews across all platforms.
  • By adding the Inbox Assistant, this feature becomes even more useful.
  • Agorapulse also provides extensive reports for every forum. You can track audience growth, engagement, user activity, your brand awareness score, keywords you’re monitoring, hashtag interactions, and label distribution.
  • In addition to exporting reports for clients and team members, you can also keep them for your own records.


  • Agorapulse does not support variants. You cannot schedule different versions of posts for different times when you schedule new ones.
  • A draft feature needs to be included. Posts can only be created and saved by assigning them to someone instead of scheduling or queuing them.


Although Socialoomph appears to be one of the less-featured best social media management tools for small businesses. It offers excellent scheduling and queuing capabilities. Because Socialoomph is less user-friendly than many of its competitors, you certainly need more than average computing skills.

Socialoomph has provided scheduled social posting services since 2008. Initially, we would like to know if their user interface has changed since that time. The interface lacks the visual appeal and ease of use in most of the competition.

Connecting Facebook accounts to Socialoomph is a challenge, possibly not their fault. As we will discuss below, it never proved possible for us to do so successfully. Other social media management programs allow you to connect your Facebook accounts with the app relatively seamlessly. The process usually involves entering your Facebook login information and ticking a few permission boxes. Socialoomph, however, requires you to create a Facebook application and have it approved by Developers Facebook.com – a challenging task, as we found out. To join your LinkedIn accounts, you must also create a LinkedIn app.

Fortunately, connecting our Twitter accounts was much easier – we didn’t need to create an app.


  • The setup, usage, and scheduling of Tweets are easy with SocialOomph. The tracking abilities are good, and it is quick.
  • Socialoomph has the ability to publish on virtually any schedule, from a specific date to a regular interval. Excellent customer service.
  • Once you know how to set it up, Social Oomph is very easy to use.


  • Sometimes it gets annoying when they offer pro/premium features all the time.
  • Setting up a Facebook account is a battle.

Final Words!

Today, social media plays a critical role in every aspect of a business: competitive analysis, customer service, marketing, and sales. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your team’s needs will dictate small businesses’ best social media management tools. Consider your options carefully after reading through all the tools in our list. 

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